Expiry date?

PAO (Period After Opening)- 12 months

How to remove?

Make up remover or facial cleanser

Is it suitable for sensitive skin/pregnant women?

Yes, our product is paraben free and vegan.

How long can one tube last? (lipstick coat)

Depends on how often you use it,
on a daily use basis, around 1 month.

Is toning cream a make up?

Multi purpose item. It acts like a primer, skincare and tone corrector.
It’s a lightweight cream that preps your skin for other products by evening out your complexion and balancing your skin tone and hydration levels.

Before or after sunscreen? (Toning ball)

Would recommend after sunscreen

Is toning cream like primer?

It can be used as primer because it goes on smooth and absorb quickly into your skin so you can apply make up on top with a flawless finish.

Is it okay to use the toning cream overnight?

Would recommend not to leave it overnight to sleep.

Is toning cream suitable for dark skin tone?

Yes, it will blend and auto tone accordingly to your skin colour.